UAMS Grad School, Faculty Highlighted in Awards Ceremony

Robert McGehee, Ph.D., dean of the UAMS Graduate School, welcomes students and faculty members to the awards reception.



Laura MacDonald accepts her Outstanding Achievement Award from Robert McGehee, Ph.D.

Orwa Aboud thanks his mentor Sue Griffin, Ph.D. as she was recognized at the reception.

April 9, 2013 | More than 35 students in the UAMS Graduate School were recognized in a reception on April 4.

The spring awards highlighted students’ achievements in teaching and research, and included travel awards and fellowships. Faculty members were also recognized for their work as mentors.

Robert McGehee, Ph.D., dean of the UAMS Graduate School, addressed students and faculty before presenting the awards. He talked about the value of the education that the students received at UAMS and all that the students have accomplished this year.

“We’re here to celebrate our students, our achievements, our graduating students, our faculty and our mentors,” McGehee said. “And we’ve got a lot to celebrate.”

Adam Corken and Laura MacDonald were given the Outstanding Achievement Awards, the highest honors given to students. Corken received an American Heart Association predoctoral fellowship, and MacDonald was recognized for her efforts in organizing the Graduate Student Teachers of Central Arkansas. Michael Preston, who received a Public Health Services and Systems Research (PHSSR) Junior Investigator Award, and Diane Robinson, who received a Public Health Law Research dissertation grant award, were also presented with achievement awards. In addition, 31 more students earned certificates of achievement.

Morris Cranmer, Ph.D., was named the Graduate School Faculty Member of the Year. Jerry Ware, Ph.D., who mentored Corken, received the Outstanding Mentor Award. Twelve other mentors were recognized for their roles in advising doctoral graduates.

Student Awards

Outstanding Achievement Awards

• Adam Corken
• Laura MacDonald

Achievement Awards

• Michael Preston
• Diane Robinson

Graduate School Travel Awards

• Christopher Moore
• Lee Ann King
• Sara Prior
• Dae Song Jang
• Emily Reichard
• Sarah Eddy
• April Bostian
• Tonisha Kearney-Ramos
• Balaji Rangarathnam
• Adam Brown
• Nathan Avaritt
• Michael Hambuchen
• James Steele
• Nisha Nanaware
• Melissa Heard

Graduate Student Teachers of Central Arkansas (GSTCA) Teaching Participants

• Zachary Waldrip
• Ara Kim
• Lisa Brents
• Klressa Barnes
• Lee Ann King
• Jaclyn Daniels
• Shubeen Chib
• Gwendolyn Carter

Individual Certificates of Achievement

• Orwa Aboud
• Danielle Atwood
• April Bostian
• Sarah Eddy
• Brenda Gannon
• Melissa Heard
• Chenell Loudermill
• Laura MacDonald
• Aleksandra Markovets
• Faith McDaniel
• Nisha Nanaware
• Asif Pathan
• Aaron Storey
• Shraddha Thakkar

Graduate School Faculty Awards

Graduate School Faculty Member of the Year

• Morris Cranmer, Ph.D.

Outstanding Mentor Awards

• Jerry Ware, Ph.D.

Mentor Awards

• Sue T. Griffin, Ph.D.
• S. Michael Owens, Ph.D.
• Edgar Garcia-Rill, Ph.D.
• John Wayne, Ph.D.
• Paul L. Prather, Ph.D.
• Masahiro Higuchi, Ph.D.
• Dana Gaddy, Ph.D.
• Angela Green, Ph.D., R.N., APN 
• Daniel Voth, Ph.D.
• Kevin D. Raney, Ph.D.
• Timothy C. Chambers, Ph.D.
• Thomas Kelly, Jr., Ph.D.

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