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For general questions and information requests: 501-686-7000
To make an appointment, call the appointment center: 501-686-8000
For general information and for numbers not listed: 501-686-7000

A list of Clinic Appointment Numbers is also available to allow you to contact a specific clinic directly.

For international patients, please call 501-686-8071 or e-mail specialservices@uams.edu.

E-Mail Contact

UAMS wants to hear from you. You may contact us using the telephone numbers provided above. In addition, please use the email address to submit comments. Comments@UAMS.edu

Contact a Patient

To call a patient room, you'll need to understand our convenient system. In our hospital, we have adopted a wing code for each wing. You need to know the patient's wing and room number. The codes are listed below.

Wing Codes

  • E = 0
  • F = 1
  • H = 3

To call a room, please dial 526 + Wing Code (0, 1 or 3) + Room Number.

For example, to contact a patient in room 701 on the E wing, simply dial 526-0701. If you are outside of the Little Rock area, you will need to dial our 501 area code before the number.

If you need assistance, please contact our operator at 501-686-7000.


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