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Health Tip: Got Enough Breast Milk?
Bed-Sharing With Babies Tied to More Breast-Feeding
Bottle-Feeding May Raise Risk of Stomach Obstruction in Infants
'Breast Milk Banks' Gain in Popularity
Breast Milk Bought Online May Contain Harmful Germs: Study
Breast Milk With Solid Foods Might Stave Off Allergies
Breast-Fed Baby May Become Higher-IQ Child, Study Suggests
Breast-Feeding After Implants Won't Cause Sagging, Study Finds
Breast-Feeding May Pass Good Bacteria From Mom to Baby
Breast-Feeding May Protect Some Women Against Breast Cancer
Breast-Feeding Might Reduce Moms' Odds of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Breast-Feeding Problems Common for First-Time Moms
Breast-Feeding Tied to Reduced Child Obesity
Children of Teen Mothers Don't Have Mental Disadvantage, Study Suggests
Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy May Affect Infants' Fine Motor Skills
Full-Time Job May Disrupt Breast-Feeding Plans
Health Tip: Help Prevent Clogged Milk Ducts
Low Birth Weight, Lack of Breast-Feeding Tied to Inflammation Risk in Adulthood
Mexican Women's Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Breast-Feeding?
Most Medications OK During Breast-Feeding, Report Says
Most U.S. Babies Are Now Breast-Fed, CDC Says
Mother's Personality Influences Breast-Feeding Decision, Study Finds
Newborns Fed Formula in Hospital Less Likely to Be Breast-Fed Later
Pregnant or Breast-feeding Women Urged to Eat More Fish
Probiotics Not Shown to Soothe Babies' Colic, Review Finds
Surgery Isn't Only Option for Women With Ovarian Cancer Genes
TV Time, Feeding Habits Set Babies Up for Obesity: Study

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