Makeovers Uplift Cancer Patients in UAMS Hospital

“I’ve never had a makeover before,” said Marcia Sweatt, as a specially trained cosmetologist applied blush to her cheeks. “This was such a surprise.”

Man Champions Flu Shot After Two Months in ICU

Looking at Josh Jones today, it would not be easy to guess that he nearly died less than a year ago from a very severe case of H1N1 flu.

Patients Find Relief from Chronic Pain through New Device

Chronic pain had diminished the lives of both Steve Moore and Tony Yocom. Protégé, a new neurostimulation system implanted during surgery at UAMS, has given some of that life back.

Donation to UAMS Funds New Neurosurgical Robot Acquisition

Through a donation of $402,000 by the late Edwin “Brad” Bradberry, the UAMS Medical Center recently purchased a neurosurgical robot, ROSA, to be used in stereotactic procedures for epilepsy and oncology.

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